How to insert a peripheral cannula

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Duration: 01:00:00 Type: How to modules Level: Registered nurses


Sally Jane Shaw, Clinical skills trainer, VIP Venepuncture and Cannulation Training, Warwickshire, England

Short description

Read this module and update your knowledge and skills on how to insert a peripheral cannula.

Detailed description

This How to module aims to assist healthcare practitioners to undertake the safe and effective insertion of a peripheral cannula. It provides information on best practice related to peripheral cannulation with an open-ported safety cannula. The same principles for practice apply to non-ported open safety cannulae. Peripheral cannulation enables venous access, the administration of intravenous (IV) medication, infusion therapy and total parenteral nutrition (TPN). It also enables blood samples to be obtained. Peripheral cannulation is a common procedure that requires high standards of care and management to optimise patient outcomes.


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